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Pickleball Slam - Family/Party Card Game

Pickleball Slam - Family/Party Card Game

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Age Range                  12+

Number of Players     2-6        

Material                      Cardstock

Color                           Multicolor

Notice                         Small Parts- Not for use for

                                     children 0-3 years of age 

About this item

A fun, strategic card game with a pickleball twist that focuses on winning the point (round)! 

The goal is to win the round by playing the last shot (card) when no one else can play- JUST LIKE PICKLEBALL. Use strategy and luck of the draw to build your shots, play your shots, and win the round to collect a token. Counter a VOLLEY with a TARGETed twist and finish off the point with an ERNE. Or go for the SHAKE & BAKE and win the round to collect that token! The first player (or team in doubles) to collect three tokens wins the game!


  • Play Options: Singles, Competitive Play, Doubles, Advanced play.
  • Play Time 20- 30 minutes
  • Perfect for Any Gathering- family or party game
  • You do not have to know a thing about PICKLEBALL to play the game
  • Easy to learn and high re-playability.
  • Purchase a second game box to expand to 7-10 players.


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ballerina pickle playing pickleball in pink tutu and hitting a pink ball over a net on a court

What's In the Box

  • Pickle Character Cards
  • Twist Cards
  • Tricky Chef Cards
  • Slam Tokens
  • Instructions
  • Singles & Competitive Play

    2-6 Players (1 game box)

    • 2 Players- Singles
    • 3 - 6 Players Competitive Play

    A fun twist that gets everyone at the table trying to win the rounds and be the Pickleball Slam Champion!

    "Ready, set, deal- Let's Go!" Jennifer D.

  • puppy named Mr. Pickleton who is happy with tongue hanging out and wearing a chef hat

    Doubles Play

    4 Players

    Two-player teams compete to win rounds and win the game! "Double the trouble, double the fun" - the winning team.

  • Advanced Play

    2 - 6 Players

    See what your opponents discard and build on your strategy to be the winner! ADVANCE PLAY: Each player discards to their individual discard pile FACE-UP.

    During the DRAW phase, a player may draw from either the pile in the center of the play area OR the individual discard pile of the player to their immediate right side.