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Pickleball Slam - Family/Party Card Game

Pickleball Slam - Family/Party Card Game

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Age Range                  12+

Number of Players     2-6        

Material                      Cardstock

Color                           Multicolor

Notice                         Small Parts- Not for use for

                                     children 0-3 years of age

About this item

Twist your way out of a pickleball with family and friends! It's all about the kitchen! In this epic battle of duels and twists, two crafty chefs mix up their shots to help build skills and move play into the kitchen. Counter a volley with a targeted twist and finish off the point with an Erne. Or go for the Shake & Bake and win the round! Just like pickleball, the last shot wins the round and collects a token. Collect three tokens and win the game!


  • Play Options: Singles, Competitive Play, Doubles, Advanced play.
  • Play Time 20- 30 minutes
  • Perfect for Any Gathering- family or party game
  • You do not have to know a thing about PICKLEBALL to play the game
  • Easy to learn and high re-playability.
  • Purchase a second game box to expand to 7-10 players.


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ballerina pickle playing pickleball in pink tutu and hitting a pink ball over a net on a court

What's In the Box

  • Pickle Character Cards
  • Twist Cards
  • Tricky Chef Cards
  • Slam Tokens
  • Instructions
  • Singles & Competitive Play

    2-6 Players (1 game box)

    • 2 Players- Singles
    • 3 - 6 Players Competitive Play

    A fun twist that gets everyone at the table trying to win the rounds and be the Pickleball Slam Champion!

    "Ready, set, deal- Let's Go!" Jennifer D.

  • puppy named Mr. Pickleton who is happy with tongue hanging out and wearing a chef hat

    Doubles Play

    4 Players

    Two-player teams compete to win rounds and win the game! "Double the trouble, double the fun" - the winning team.

  • Advanced Play

    2 - 6 Players

    See what your opponents discard and build on your strategy to be the winner! ADVANCE PLAY: Each player discards to their individual discard pile FACE-UP.

    During the DRAW phase, a player may draw from either the pile in the center of the play area OR the individual discard pile of the player to their immediate right side.